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Knowledge of TP Important Materials

Issuing time:2019-03-21 14:36

OCA( Optically Clear Adhesive) is an outstanding bonding macromolecule material which the feature is similar with optical components, and embraces excellent bonding performances. It is used for laminating two or more optical components into optical components to satisfy optical path configuration, or bonding the protective glasses such as optical verniers and filters. The quality and performance of OCA have a great relevance with the image quality and performance of optical instrument. The common adhesive are divided into solid OCA and liquid OCR. OCA is used for the lamination of soft-soft and soft-hard materials while OCR is used for the lamination of hard-hard.


OCA is an important source of touch screen lamination. It is a double-sided adhesive tape which is made of acrylics base material with release film on its top and bottom.

The advantages of OCA

1. Strong diaphaneity to improve LCD brightness and reduce energy consumption.

2. Strong adhesion and weather resistance to improve the intensity of touch screen joint face.

3. Water resistant, high-temperature resistant, uvioresistant.

4. Make each layer have a well-distributed space.

5. Avoid xanthation, stripping and denaturing after using for a long time.

Main use of OCA

Different OCA will be applied to different areas, but it is mainly used for the lamination of the following assemblings: Electronic Paper, transparent devices, projection screen, aviation optical devices, military optical devices, monitors, lenses, cell phone touch screens in G+F+F technology or F+F technology, touch panels, glasses and polycarbonate materials and so on. Usually we will add up some treatment agent to OCA to improve its optical performance or reduce its shrinkage rate after solidification.


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