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Teaching you how to choose a suitable touch screen

Issuing time:2019-03-21 14:50

Nowadays, touch screen is a new part in the design of new product design. In recent years, many touch screen factories have been born. Users may not be able to distinguish the quality of a touch screen produced by a certain company from its appearance. Here, we propose some simple methods to judge the quality of a product from its appearance.

There are 4-wire, 5-wire, 6-wire and 8-wire manufacturers on the market. Actually, which design meets our needs? When you get a touch screen, see if there is a green border around the touch screen. If so, you can probably guess that it is insulating ink, but it may also be translucent. In any case, the design of insulating inks is slightly worse than that of double-sided adhesives with substrates.

On the one hand, you can see the design of the outlet terminal. If the connection between the tail and the touch screen itself in not enough, the touch screen will easily break down. If so, there is not much chance of repair.

On the other hand, you can hold the touch screen in your hand and use a 60 degree angle to see if there is a Newton ring on the surface. If yes, it means that the factory has not enough experience in dealing with the Newton ring.

And you can use your finger to press the touch screen to feel if there are two layers of the touch screen. If you feel it, it means that the factory still has a way to go to provide a good quality touch screen product.

4-wire design is the most basic method and the mainstream design of 90% touch screen factories nowadays, because the X.Y axis of the touch screen can be directly pulled out, and the position of the touch screen can be read through the touch screen controller conversion.

The 4-wire design is best used on small size products, which refers to the size below 10.4''. Because the touch screen is based on the surface resistance adding voltage to calculate the position of the touch. The surface resistance may experience the aging phenomenon due to environmental or other reasons, which make it is not easily felt by the user on a small-sized touch screen. Therefore, a 4-wire touch screen would be a good choice.

The 8-wire touch screen can compensate for the weakness of 4-wire touch screen design and the phenomenon of large size. Because the 8-wire touch screen designs an "induction line" on each side. If the surface resistance aging phenomenon occurs, it can be adjusted back to normal situation immediately by the induction line. Therefore the 8-wire touch screen is the best design for the size above 10.4.

The design of 5-wire touch screen means that the X and Y axes are placed on the bottom glass, while the conductive film on the top is only an inductive line. This design can only be used in large size, because the area of four lines is wider than that of eight lines. The price of 5-line touch screen is higher than that of 4-line and 8-line touch screen.

The design of 6-wire touch screen is a 5-wire touch screen plus a ground line.

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