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Convening borad employees to set up volunteer groups

Issuing time:2019-03-21 14:51

In order to carry forward the volunteer spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress", advocate the virtue of helping others, strive to create a good atmosphere of "finding volunteers in difficulty and having time to volunteer", and promote the construction of socialist civilization by developing public welfare undertakings, improving social services, the company actively responded to the call of the Activity Department of Dongguan Jiabu Volunteer Association and convened a large number of employees to set up the volunteer group on 11th November.




Liaobu Town officials said that they will use the current International Automobile Culture Festivals as the starting point to continuously innovate the content, operation mode and mode of holding meeting, focus on improving the level of marketization and specialization to create a largest, most distinctive and most influential automobile culture festival in South China. And the Liaobao volunteers will continue to give their strong support!

Finally, Singway is proud of those excellent volunteer colleagues for contributing to the development of public welfare, the improvement of social services and the promotion of socialist civilization.

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