Membrane Switch Assembly

Flat /Embossed with metal dome tactile membrane switch

● Circuit  assemble with various components: LED, Resistor, Capacitor, Metal dome, IC and so on.

● The window and surface of product finished: Gloss or Matted.

● ESD, EMI and transparent window shielding.

● Crimping a Male or Female pin (1.27/2.54mm Pitch).

● Backlight: LED, LGF, EL, TPE.

● Being good at designing: Silicone Rubber+PET circuit, Silicone Rubber+PCB+Aluminum plate.

● FPC Membrane Switch: Graphic Overlay+FPC circuit, Silicone Rubber+FPC circuit.

● Capacitive Membrane Switch: Capacitive Membrane Switch+Backlight, Capacitive Membrane Switch+Controller.

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